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Probity Insurance Services is an insurance brokerage company based in the expanding and ever growing San Francisco Bay Area. We are locally owned and managed in the Bay Area with the philosophy of providing great client service in our local region. With passionate yet personal staff, we effectively assist our customers while reducing the mundane administrative tasks.

The insurance industry is undergoing constant changes and advances. While other companies have a bottom line to follow, we prefer to focus our energies on ensuring that our clients receive the best representation for the best possible price. To achieve this end, we use our years of experience to craft a unique and tailored plan that is easy to understand, is explained in detail, and accomplishes our client’s wishes.

Thanks to our loyal clients (and client referrals) we have expanded exponentially over the last twenty years.  All the while, we have maintained a near-perfect client retention rate. Even with this great success, our focus has remained the same: uphold our standards of giving our clients excellent value and service.


Probity Insurance Services is committed to the principles of service, integrity, and professionalism while providing our valued clients the highest quality of service with the goal of exceeding their expectations.  We provide an extensive range of insurance products and pledge to honor our commitments to our clients by holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We encourage personal growth and life planning through exceptional service and competitive product offerings.


At Probity Insurance Services, we place a high value on one objective: Keeping a commitment to our clients and making them our number one priority. We uphold this standard in all parts of our company by:

  1. Providing detailed explanations and various options tailored to your specific needs;
  2. Keeping all our information that we provide easy to understand so that you can make the best choice for you and your company;
  3. Deliver all of our services with a focus on responsiveness and integrity; and,
  4. Adapting to the needs of our clients.

Your Support Team

At Probity Insurance Services we offer our clients over 100 years of combined and diversified expertise in the insurance industry. We take great pride in the talent and skill level of our staff. It is their hard work and dedication to excellence that has made us the successful brokerage we are today.

Donna Hosseini is the founder and principal of Probity Insurance Services. She has been a licensed agent for over 19 years and founded Probity Insurance in 1994.

Initially working for a small local benefits brokerage, Donna saw the diverse needs of business clients and immediately recognized the importance of providing unique support resources. Her goal became building an insurance brokerage where corporate clients would consider Probity Insurance to be an extension of their HR team.

She attributes her success in the insurance business to creating long lasting, and mutually beneficial, business relationships with all of her clients. Achieving this goal has allowed Probity Insurance to experience a very high client retention rate while growing, due in large part, to client referrals.

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