The Probity Difference

Making Insurance Simple

Maximizing Your Budget

At Probity Insurance, we understand that employee benefits are a primary expense for a company. With that in mind, we make sure that our clients receive the best service for the best price. To guarantee our clients receive a great value from our services, we:

  1. Track claims made throughout the year and create an annual evaluation that explains the effectiveness of each plan
  2. Discuss with your team about new changes or objectives the client has involving budget, staffing and growth
  3. Provide information and overviews about new insurance trends
  4. Research your existing insurance plans with similar products from other major insurance companies as well as introduce new alternative insurance plans
  5. Communicate all the information stated in a clear and concise manner to create a strategy for our clients for the upcoming year


Benefits Administration

At Probity Insurance Services, we hope that you will utilize our team and see them as an extension of YOUR human resources team. We provide the following administrative support services designed to have your team pass off time-consuming and mundane tasks to keep your team efficient with more important tasks. We handle:

  1. Enrollment Processing-we will process all new hires to the respective insurance carriers utilizing any appropriate technology resources.
  2. Terminations-we will also process all employee terminations to the insurance carriers and simultaneously initiate the COBRA process.
  3. Billing Audits-we will perform a comprehensive audit of the carrier bills to confirm proper enrollment of all employees in the appropriate plans at the client’s request.
  4. Carrier Issue Resolution-Should any issues arise with an insurance carrier, we will function as your advocate and make sure a proper resolution is achieved.*
*While most insurance claims are processed and resolved in a timely manner, there are few instances when procedure falls out of place and claims are not paid for. In these instances, we know how frustrating your employees can get trying to maneuver the system themselves. When this happens, most employees let go of the claim and damage their credit from claims going to collections. All your employee needs to do is call our support team, give us any information related to their claim, an HIPAA release form and we will handle the rest. We will call all providers and insurance involved to reach a resolution. We will also keep your employee updated about their claim so not only will they have piece of mind, they won’t have to call during the workday to try and resolve the issue on their own wasting time and energy. 

Claims Support

In the large majority of situations, the insurance carriers will process claims on a timely basis correctly paying all expenses based on the contracted plan design. However, when the process breaks down and a claim is not paid correctly or timely, we know that your employees can become very frustrated as they attempt to maneuver the process themselves. In many cases, our experience shows that when an employee becomes frustrated they tend to let the claim go which often creates a collection situation possibly damaging their credit.

At Probity Insurance Services we know the claims process can be very overwhelming so we offer complete claim resolution for any of your staff members. By simply calling our support team and providing any information related to the claim and a HIPAA release, we will communicate with all providers and insurance carriers involved to reach a proper resolution. We continually stay in contact with the employee giving them any updates and notifying them once the claim is resolved.

By providing this service, we not only alleviate the worry for your employees but we also help them avoid time spent on the phone during the work day dealing with a claim.


Employee Communications

At Probity Insurance, we think the most important aspect of a successful benefit package is educating our client’s staff on their plan and how to use them properly.  Some of the services we offer to inform your staff of their benefits include the following:

  1. Open Enrollment Meetings– We collaborate with your HR team to create an open enrollment meeting hosting the meeting at your facility, creating handouts, schedule the resources (including appropriate insurance carrier representation) needed at the meeting, collect completed forms and ensure there is no missing information on said forms.
  2. New Hire Materials– With your input, we can create the new hire materials that summarize your employee benefit plans. These materials will answer questions regarding levels of coverage and availability in their geographic area. Additionally, it will include enrollment instructions informing employees of their required timelines to participate in the plans.
  3. Informational Meetings– We can host meetings at your facility on topics such benefit information, health/wellness and other approved topics at your discretion. Our goal with this service is to keep a constant information stream of how your employees can effectively use their benefits.
  4. Employee Call Center– Employees can call during our business hours to receive information about their benefits. We encourage your employees to call us with benefit related issues with your consent as opposed to being put on hold or speaking to an automatic representative. We believe that this will save time, energy and frustration in the future.
  5. COBRA Administration Assistance– We use a Third Party Admin to handle our clients’ Cobra.  We pay for the monthly cost of this service.  Therefore, it is a Free service for all of our clients.