An Orphanage in Nepal Needs Your Help

NECO Foundation is 501c (3) organization that provide orphaned children in Nepal (between the ages of 5 to 12) with food, shelter, clothing, medical, dental care and education in a home-like setting till the age of 18.
NECO Foundation URGENTLY needs to reconstruct the building after the earthquake disaster to continue serving these children.
Currently, children have NO place to stay. All the walls have been damaged; kitchen, office, kid’s bedroom, library hall, all had been extensively damaged.
At this point, children are homeless. They are staying under an open cowshed (Barn), This barn has no heat, electricity, drinking water, or toilets for children to use. There are many problems for their daily life. They are in urgent need of your help and your support.
NECO Foundation needs around $50,000 US dollars to rebuild and repair the current orphanage. Your donation will help these children to start their life. For more information, Please visit