Calif. GOP Votes To Oppose Rate Regulation, Drug Testing Initiatives

Before ending their biannual convention, California Republicans voted to oppose two state ballot measures related to health insurance rate regulation and random drug testing for doctors, the Sacramento Bee/Fresno Bee reports.
State Republicans voted to oppose Proposition 45, which would give the state insurance commissioner the authority to reject health insurance rate increases.
Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway (Tulare) said, “The last thing we need is yet another flawed ballot initiative that further embeds government into private health care decisions,” adding, “Prop. 45 will give one politician … who is a Democrat … vast new powers over health care.”
Conway said, “Treatment decisions should be made by doctors and patients, not by a politician.”
The party also has voted to oppose Proposition 46, which would:
• Increase the state’s $250,000 limit on pain-and-suffering awards in malpractice lawsuits;
• Require doctors to undergo random drug-testing (Cadelago, Sacramento Bee/Fresno Bee, 9/21).