Premium assistance for a child’s plan.

I have health insurance through my employer, but coverage for my spouse and child are too expensive. Would I be eligible for premium assistance for a plan for my child?

Whether you or your family are eligible for premium assistance depends on whether you have an offer of coverage that includes your spouse and dependents and (1) is affordable and (2) meets the standard for minimum coverage. The affordability of employer-provided coverage is evaluated on these two criteria:

1. The total annual premium you pay for self-only coverage is 9.5 percent or less of your annual household income.

2. Your employer-provided plan covers at least 60 percent of health care costs for an average population. Your employer or your health insurance plan should notify you as to how much the plan covers.

If those two criteria are met, your employer’s plan is considered “affordable” under the law, and your family members would not qualify for premium assistance through Covered California.

If your employer-provided coverage does not include dependent coverage, or if your employer does not offer dependent coverage, your spouse and child may qualify for subsidies through Covered California since they would not be offered coverage. In that case, their eligibility would be based on the family’s income.