Changes due to ACA (Affordable Care Act) mandates as well as other federal employment law developments mean that POP (Premium Only Plan) documents must be updated to incorporate these requirements:
1. Under the ACA, waiting periods for medical plan enrollments cannot exceed 90 days, and many group medical plans have modified their eligibility period to comply. POP documents must also be amended to coincide with the eligibility date for your group medical plan.
2. Update dependent eligibility wording in your POP document to include same-sex spouse.
3. Change plan eligibility to include employees working 30+ hours.
4. Non-calendar year plans must change POPs to allow for enrollment in or disenrollment from the employer group plan, even though the employee has not had a “qualified status change.” This is to allow employees to enroll for Exchange coverage and to disenroll from employer group coverage, or to allow employees who previously declined employer coverage to enroll in it as of January 1 to avoid an “individual mandate” tax penalty. The employer can limit the period during which the employee can revoke or change his or her salary reduction election to a limited period (such as the first month of the year only), or can allow the change anytime during the current plan year.
If you need a 125 POP document,  speak with your insurance broker.